Passer montanus

Passer montanus, or … the sparrow mazurka, or simply a mazurka 🙂 A very popular bird, well settled in cities. He happened by accident, because sitting at home for a long time, I wanted to play with the telephoto lens for a while. I was counting on titmouses, which usually play like crazy in the yard, but this time they didn’t come.

What telephoto lens is this? Fujifilm XF 100-400. In this case, equipped with a 2x teleconverter. Hand-held photos – fortunately, the lens has optical image stabilization, because the X-T3 to which it was attached does not have IBIS, and the photos were taken at 800mm focal length – the slightest shake and the image is a garbage 🙂

At 400mm the lens is f/5.6, so installing a 2x teleconverter gives 800mm f / 11 – quite a challenge even on a very bright sunny day. Some of the photos below, taken while the bird was in shadow, required ISO 3200 sensitivity.