Fujifilm X-T4 and X-H2

I’ve seen the leaked specs of the X-T4 and they are really impressive:
-an IBIS
-a new battery
-an articulated screen
– new film simulations
Seems like interesting new camera.

On the other hand we can say that it is just a small update of the old X-T3. the same sensor, the same processor, almost the same body, almost the same features.

Well, maybe there are not so many new things, but anyway we were waiting a long time for them. An IBIS is important when working with pro lenses like 16-55 f/2.8 for example, or the primes, without built-in optical stabilization. The new battery gives more shots: 600 versus 390 and longer recording time: 85 minutes versus 40 minutes in 4K30p. And the articulated screen allows for easy vloging.

Right, but all the rest is the same. Just two new styles added: Bleach Bypass and Classic Negative. And you know what? I have a feeling, that X-T4 is just for still shooters. Why? Just because of recording time limitation: up to 20 minutes for 4K 60p and up to 30 minutes for 4K 30p. I’m also afraid, that as the sensor is the same, there will be also the same issue, with Auto ISO. Simply: when recording in Manual mode and Auto ISO, when the scene brightness changes, the exposure changes in steps, instead of stepless. This is something impossible to correct in post production.

But there is a nice feature for landscape photographers: 16-bit TIFF!

Oh, don’t joke! This is the same sensor, as in the X-T3, capable of 14-bit RAW! So in my opinion, this 16-bit TIFF, is just a conversion of the 14-bit RAW to 16-bit TIFF. We can do exactly the same thing with X-T2 or X-T3 RAWs, in any software. Nothing special.

So, will I upgrade my X-T3 to X-T4? I don’t think so. The reason is, that even waiting just for IBIS, I hoped for something more. I loved my X-H1. I sold it just because of the faulty design of the powering system. So I will keep waiting for the X-H2. Have you seen the new Sony sensor specs? This is an APS-C sensor, with 43 Mega Pixels, capable of recording​​​​​​​ 8K video in 12 bit! And 16 bit output for stills! If the X-H2 uses this sensor, it will be a beast!

But the question is IF! Do you remember the X-H1 story? It was released just a few months before X-T3, with X-T2 technology inside. Don’t you think, that Fujifilm will do the same? This time with X-H2?

Personally, I hope Fujifilm has learned the lesson of X-H1. I really hope for X-H2 with brand new technology, dedicated mainly to videographers. There is one concern, though. In the sensor description by Sony, it reads: “individual specification change  cannot be supported because this is a standard product”.

What color filter array is standard? Bayer! What color filter array Fujifilm uses? Non-Bayer! So it seems, like Fujifilm will NOT use this sensor!

Well, we will see. The description is for standard version. The version for Fujifilm will be non-standard. Prepared for Fujifilm and with Fujifilm color filter array. And it will be used in the X-H2 – I hope.

Coming back to the question, if I will upgrade my X-T3 to X-T4: for me IBIS alone is enough to change the body. The problem is, that I will need also to replace the battery grip. And keep having two kinds of batteries, as I still use the X-T1 IR.

X-T1 IR is a special version, manufactured for a short time by Fujifilm. In this version, Fujifilm replaced the hot mirror, limiting light reaching the sensor to just narrow, visible band, with broadband plate, which allows for full spectrum, from deep infrared to ultraviolet. And there no X-T4 IR.

Having two kinds of battery, I will also need two chargers. Another replacements are a new L-plate and a new cage. To many new things to buy, I’m afraid!