Starting the new year with a good book…

I always listen to the radio while driving. I have two of my favorite stations and their favorite programs. Interestingly, none of them is a music program.

This time I listened to the broadcast “Radiowy Dom Kultury” (“Radio House of Culture”), in which I heard about an interesting initiative related – how else – to photography, which result is a book. How different from most books related to photography I know. A book in which there is not a word about the latest equipment of the largest manufacturers, not a word about the technique of photography, no advice. And yet, when the package arrived, I disappeared for two days. I couldn’t break away. The book (and basically a project whose effect, probably even as a side effect, is a book) does not speak about photography as such, but uses photography as an excuse to meet people, talk to them, collect their stories. Stories that are sometimes funny, but much more often touching and sometimes even scary.

Initially, reading the book, I had the impression of some random set of random, short literary forms, but after the first few pages I was completely absorbed in the convention adopted by the author. And at the end, there left authentic experiences and emotions, and regret that … the book is over.

One note for the potential reader: you must read the “Wstęp” (“Introduction”). For this book, it is really crucial, as thanks to it, all the stories that appear on its pages, appear in the right context.

What book is this? It is a book written by Agnieszka Pajączkowska entitled “Wędrowny Zakład Fotograficzny” (“The Traveling Photography Shop”). Although I would probably agree with the opinion of one of the characters that appeared in this book that the title “Traveling Psychological Facility” would be more appropriate 🙂

At the end, a bad news if you don’t speak or can’t read Polish: this book is in Polish. Maybe one day someone will translate it to English and other languages, but for now, it is in Polish only.