Time for… change?

He was waiting, waiting and finally went away. Three have come instead. Or even four. The new ones are quite sexy, beautiful, shapely and… sharp! So who has gone? AF-S Nikkor 300mm G ED VR II. And who have come? Fujifilm X-Pro 2 and three XF lenses. And the first surprise: top body and three top-grade lenses for one Nikkor! I have been thinking for some time if Nikon’s gear isn’t too expensive, costing more than it should. Lots of thinking was related to the Nikkor 200-500: it’s price differs significantly (in the good meaning) from prices of other Nikon gear. Unfortunately it does not seem to be the case. Sure – there are some new promotions, but just a few days before promotions, the regular prices went up significantly. So even more Fujifilm becomes interesting alternative, offering excellent gear in good price.

Fujifilm X-Pro 2

The first impressions are very good. Both X-Pro 2 and lenses make very solid feeling. Metal and glass. A few quick shots and no disappointment at all. And positive surprise with comfort of use and quality of pictures. Very intuitive use, easy access to all the needed settings, knobs on the top plate, aperture ring on the lens. Everything works smoothly, being stiff exactly as it should be. Nothing makes any strange noises, nothing cracks. The only thing making some concern is the ISO setting… no, I will not call it a knob – it is rather THE DEVICE :-). Very complex in design and buid, shows craft of designers and manufacturers, but isn’t too comfortable. One need to get used to. But wait – I must have seen something like this already. Oh, yeas! 1977 and Nikon FM. And then 1982 and Nikon FM2. Nihil novi sub sole 🙂