Long May weekend with X-T1 IR

The long May weekend  (here in Poland we had two days of holidays: May 1-st and May 3-rd, so most of the people took additional three days to enjoy 9-day long weekend 🙂 ) was a perfect opportunity to go outside of the city with the X-T1 IR equipped with the XF 23mm f/2 and a infrared, 720nm filter. I must say that the comfort of use of such set is very high. X-T1 IR is previous generation camera, but it performs well. The XF 23mm f/2 is an excellent optics in small, lightweight and compact body – a great lens. I have also discovered that in case of infrared photography the OOC jpgs are not perfect. In case of color photographs, coming from X-T2 I rarely feel a need to make additional adjustments. But in case of IR shots with X-T1 IR the minimum is to adjust levels at least – the pictures become more “clear”.

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