Fujifilm X-H2

No, I don’t have the X-H2. But I have been waiting for it, and expect to see it on the market in 2020. I will buy it as soon as possible, but there is one “but”: it must be significantly better in any aspect than the X-H1 – in other case replacement of X-H1 with X-H2 would make no sense at all. So what is enough important to me to trigger the replacement?

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Fujifilm X-T2 i X-H1 – video and power

Actualization – at the end I have added what I discovered the day after 🙂

In the X-T2, and even more in the X-H1, we can find lots of features, allowing for use of these great cameras not only for stills, but also for video. Let’s name just a few: 4K or ability to use external recorder, recording through HDMI interface. And in case of X-H1 in addition F-log, touch screen, allowing for silent operation during recording or IBIS – image stabilization inside the body, what allows for use of plenty of lenses which have no stabilization built-in.

But both bodies have hidden issue, being a huge problem for many film makers: power.

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