Correct tool for the task

Well no, it’s not about a sheet. I like Panasonic S1 more and more, but the fact that I like it cannot hide the fact that no camera is the best for every task. Each task requires the right tool. S1 is great for portraiture, landscape and interiors. But for example for macro – I prefer something different here. With a smaller sensor – because it’s easier for a greater depth of field, with a macro lens – because it’s easier to have the right scale. Using the moment of breath, today I compared the ease of taking macro photos using the Panasonic S1 + Lumix S 24-105 (because there is no macro lens for the S1 yet, and Lumix S 24-105 is almost macro) and Fujifilm X-H1 + Fujinon 80mm Macro. There could only be one result.

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Walking in Royal Lazienki

Sunday afternoon, warm, sunny day – a good opportunity to walk with the camera. Today it was Royal Lazienki in Warsaw, Poland, as on Sundays there are piano concerts, what allows for combined audio and visual experience. Today I have used Panasonic S1 with Panasonic 24-105. This set is very good for landscape as the sensor allow for a long scale of highlights and shades while the lens gives perfect clarity and sharpness.

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V-Log for Panasonic S1

After Panasonic has introduced firmware version 1.2 for the S1, the V-Log upgrade become a hot topic and there is a lot of discussion over the Internet if this upgrade will be free of charge or not, how to get it, how to activate and when it will become available. There is a lot already clear: in countries like USA, Australia, Germany, France, Netherlands, the upgrade will be free of charge. I have asked Panasonic Poland a question how it will be in Poland and the answer was far away from what I would be satisfied with: in Poland this upgrade will be paid feature regardless if someone already has the S1 or not. Short and precise 🙂

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