i60A + Air 1 – it really works!

I like this set more and more each day. i60A + Air 1 + X-T2 – TTL works perfectly. Have a look at the below picture:

X-T2, AF Micro Nikkor 200mm f/4, Nissin i60A, Nissin Air 1
X-T2, AF Micro Nikkor 200mm f/4, Nissin i60A, Nissin Air 1

This is exactly how TTL exposed, without any correction of the flash or during development. And how it was taken? In what setup? You can see it below:

X-Pro2, Fujinon XF 1-24mmf/4 - ISO 3200!
X-Pro2, Fujinon XF 1-24mmf/4 – ISO 3200!

It seems to be quite hard setup for TTL. But the flash, the controller and the X-T2 together did a great job 🙂

OK, as there were many question regarding HSS, which I don’t use at all, so I haven’t mentioned it before, there is a bad news for those of you who want to use HSS. It does NOT work with my i60A and X-T1 (v 5.0), X-T2 (v 1.0 and v 1.1) or X-Pro2 (v 2.01). And even if it would work at all, by design it is only manual mode and only on-camera: my i60A allows to switch on the HSS only in manual mode. Yes, it allows to switch it on, the indicator shows that it is on, but with exposure times shorter than the shortest sync time, only part of the frame is exposed. This means that the flash emits just single flash instead of burst, covering entire exposure time.

There was also some laughing about Nikkor mounted on X-T2 – here you can read why I do it this way: “And the best macro lens for X-Pro2 is…”. And some more about macro with Fuji here: “Fujimacro”.

Saving photos on the PC using Wi-Fi

Fujifilm X-Pro2 gives us the ability to use Wi-Fi for communication. There are two options available:

  1. X-Pro2 enables the Wi-Fi and works as access point. This option is suitable if we want to use smartphone or tablet to control the camera and/or to download pictures and movies to the phone or tablet. While connected, it works quite well, but please remember: the Wi-Fi implementation used in X-Pro2 gives no security at all. The hot-spot created by X-Pro2 is open access hot-spot, so if there is anybody with Wi-Fi – enabled device close to us, he / she can “hear” what we transmit.
  2. X-Pro2 connects to the existing Wi-Fi network and uses it to transmit pictures / movies to the PC. I use this option all the time as I don’t like removing cards from the body, guessing what is on which card, shuffling them in the reader. I definitely prefer using Wi-Fi for this task.

I know that some people have issues establishing the connectivity with existing network, so here are some instructions, discoveries and thoughts.

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