Saving photos on the PC using Wi-Fi

Fujifilm X-Pro2 gives us the ability to use Wi-Fi for communication. There are two options available:

  1. X-Pro2 enables the Wi-Fi and works as access point. This option is suitable if we want to use smartphone or tablet to control the camera and/or to download pictures and movies to the phone or tablet. While connected, it works quite well, but please remember: the Wi-Fi implementation used in X-Pro2 gives no security at all. The hot-spot created by X-Pro2 is open access hot-spot, so if there is anybody with Wi-Fi – enabled device close to us, he / she can “hear” what we transmit.
  2. X-Pro2 connects to the existing Wi-Fi network and uses it to transmit pictures / movies to the PC. I use this option all the time as I don’t like removing cards from the body, guessing what is on which card, shuffling them in the reader. I definitely prefer using Wi-Fi for this task.

I know that some people have issues establishing the connectivity with existing network, so here are some instructions, discoveries and thoughts.

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