Fujinon XF 80mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro – does it work for infrared?

Fujinon XF 80mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro @ f/2,8 and black&white.

One of the readers of my blog has pointed out that I haven’t wrote about using XF 80mm f/2.8 Macro for infrared photography. Well, in infrared I take landscapes and for landscapes I prefer wide angle lenses. But inspired by the inquiry, I decided to give this lens a try.

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Wild rose

Today I had no inspiration to make new crystals, so I just went to the backyard garden. And there is a wild rose mad. Authentically crazy – shoots 2 – 3 meters long, shooting on all sides – we laugh that it competes with nearby spruce 🙂 But I must say, that it beautifully blooms – it is all in small, but beautiful and fragrant flowers.

Fujifilm X-H1 + XF 80mm Macro + two Nissin flashes, controlled in TTL with Nissin Air 1.

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Sunny afternoon on the banks of the Vistula

A sunny, festive afternoon, it became an excuse to test the Fujifilm XF 18-135 lens for infrared photography. I took this lens on Fujifilm X-T1 IR and went to the banks of Vistula river. Unfortunately, as you can see below, this lens is completely unsuitable for infrared photography in color, and this is due to the tragic hot spot, which practically makes it impossible to control the color. Therefore, apart from the first two photos, I processed the rest in black and white. And still my lenses for infrared photography, remain 23mm f / 2 and 35mm f / 2.

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Fujifilm X-H2

No, I don’t have the X-H2. But I have been waiting for it, and expect to see it on the market in 2020. I will buy it as soon as possible, but there is one “but”: it must be significantly better in any aspect than the X-H1 – in other case replacement of X-H1 with X-H2 would make no sense at all. So what is enough important to me to trigger the replacement?

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