Panasonic Lumix S1

Panasonic and Olympus – two creators of the 4/3 and later Micro 4/3 systems. Olympus still stays with the Micro 4/3 system, while Panasonic expanded its offer with cameras equipped with a 35mm format (full frame) sensors: S1 and S1R, and announced, but not yet released, the S1H.

While the S1R is a camera with a gigantic number of pixels on the matrix (47Mpx), designed for quite specific and what to say – a narrow group of recipients, the S1 is a very universal camera and basically for everyone. At the first contact with S1 and S1R we get two pieces of information: first, AF uses only contrast detection. And here immediately laments that the AF is slow and that the AF does not work, etc. And the second information: that the image stabilization is great. And how is it really? Image stabilization – it’s best to just see – not quite serious test (please note: it is in Polish only):

In general – delights over image stabilization, regardless of what is shown in my film, are not unreasonable at all. I used in the past various systems with image stabilization and I have to admit that the S1 really works incredibly well.

And AF, which does not work? The film already shows that it works. A few photos below, taken with the use of AF in a continuous mode, using the standard, not to say “kit” zoom 24-105: