FUJINON XF60mm F2.4 R Macro


After several months of use, I have got already quite well crystallized opinion about this lens. In assumptions, it is a macro lens. But focal length of 60mm in case of APS-C size is rather a short tele – I would say it is one of the portrait focal lengths. But I don’t do portraits – I do macro, so my opinion about this lens is an opinion about tool to photograph small objects, from the relatively small distance, for maximum reproduction ratio. And what about the reproduction ratio? Unfortunately it is not 1:1 – it is 1:2 only. Not good for macro lens.

And here begin all the workarounds: extension tubes, bellows (ops, there are no bellows for the XF system – one needs to use other system bellows with all the converters). But when you use two extension rings (11mm and 16mm) at the same time and add the 1.4 teleconverter, you get quite different reproduction ratio.

As you can see, the optical quality is still quite good. So what is the reproduction ration in this case? You can see below the so called “millimeter paper” – a paper with lines printed every millimeter. Visible picture contains 18mm and the matrix is 23.5mm long, so the reproduction ratio is 1.3x.

Unfortunately such set shows substantial barrel distortion as well.

Without any additional optics and rings, this lens gives 1/2 reproduction ratio – not much, but still enough in many cases – especially taking into account that we get also very good image quality, with high resolution and sharpness.

The above pictures I took with a flash installed on the additional rail and with wireless control. I have noticed one thing: miniaturization is not always good. This lens is short – it is hard to set the flash on external rail the way it does NOT go to far in the object’s direction, relatively to the front end of the lens. I would be more happy in this case with the lens 1.5 – 2 time longer physically.